The Authors

Dr Charles Kinder Bradbury is an industrial chemist. His many interests include colour chemistry, pharmaceutical intermediates and alternative energy projects. For 22 years he ran his own chemical company based in Fife, Scotland, where he now resides. Since retirement he has obtained a Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of York, with research into liquid crystals. In 2012 he established Braykc Publishing and wrote about notable Bradburys in his first work. Having written two books in the Heritage series, he has turned his attention to a third volume, The Incorporated Trades of Edinburgh, by joining forces for a second time with his friend, Henry Steuart Fothringham.

Henry Steuart Fothringham, OBE, is a keen historian, with special interests in material culture, particularly silver, paintings and heraldry. He co-owned Grantully Castle Antiques, and became known as a leading authority on the lives and works of the goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers of the royal burghs of Scotland. Henry has written several books and many articles on these subjects, as well as about the Incorporated Trades of Edinburgh. He was a member of H M Government’s Advisory Council on the Export of Works of Art, and for his work with the Council was appointed OBE. He plays a very active role in the life of the Convenery of Trades.