Stewart Heritage Book


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Stewart Heritage

ISBN 978-0-9926624-1-7

Published by Braykc Publishing

©Charles Kinder Bradbury, 2016

312 Pages

2 reviews (5/5)

The Stewarts: A beautifully illustrated treasure chest and reference book about this important Scots family through the ages.

A modern pictorial history of the Scots and their descendants, at home and abroad, from the Middle Ages to the present day, as seen through the lives and achievements of their most important family: the Stewarts. This book is packed full of facts, anecdotes and beautiful images: an enjoyable read for all ages; a coffee-table and reference book and an ideal family present.

The publication quotes recent DNA and other evidence relating to the origins of the Stewards and Stewarts and displays some little-known seals and charters of Stewart ancestors from France, England and Scotland. In addition to over 100 biographies of notable family members, including the Stewards and Stewart Kings and Queens of Scotland, are entries for many Stewart industries, ranging from steel producers to swede growers and from a brewery to a brick manufacturer. Stewart castles, airports and ships, towns, lakes, mountains, and museums, complete this interesting compilation.

Twenty chapters include Royalty, the Forces, Arts, Science & Engineering, Medicine, TV & Film, Justice and Sport: comprehensively cross-referenced and beautifully illustrated, they provide a wonderful treasure chest, keepsake, and reference book about worldwide Stewart Heritage.

by Alexander (Sandy) Stewart WS

Here is a snapshot of the lives of famous, infamous, interesting or merely eccentric Stewarts, who have made their mark in such diverse fields as monarchy, industry, diplomacy, the arts, the services and sport. I found it informative and entertaining in equal measure and it is beautifully illustrated. A coffee table treasure.

by James Irvine Robertson

This is an extraordinary book, a sumptuous celebration of a single family whose members have woven themselves into the fabric of European history and culture. No family has approached the record of the Stewarts in providing a dynasty of 14 monarchs for their country….

Stewart Heritage is lushly illustrated, meticulously researched and stuffed with goodies… Here are many of the lurid plot lines of Game of Thrones…

The book’s emphasis is on the variety of paths that Stewarts have trodden to become notable… Charles, an American admiral who was regrettably successful against the Royal Navy… The youngest and arguably the prettiest, Kristen, is 26, although Frances, La Belle Stuart, would have given her a run for her money. The impossibly handsome James Lablache hid his surname behind Granger…